Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hypocrisy - Part I

Ryan Braun is now an admitted cheater and I might add, an inexplicably unindicted criminal.  A-Rod most likely is, too.  Cleaning up the game of baseball is certainly the right thing to do, but the end won’t justify the means.  Baseball’s antitrust exemption apparently allows them to ignore every principle of due process, and their hypocrisy confirms that they’ve carefully read Robert Ringer’s “Winning Through Intimidation”.  But then we’re all well along that path with our social media outrages and demands for non-legal punishment for anyone we don’t agree with.  But Saddam was a bad man, maybe a lttle worse than Paula Dean.

MLB bullied witnesses all over Florida, sued Anthony Bosch and then cut a deal with him.  They bought his testimony, promised him they would back off their suit.  May I point out that Anthony is ALSO a criminal.  In their latest sham move, they suspended a Milwaukee Brewer – a team going nowhere, but nevertheless owned by the Commish himself.  This was crafted to give the appearance of being serious about the issue of PEDs, but was actually calculated to add credibility to a criminal’s testimony.  Braun has confirmed that Bosch is telling the truth in his case, and then by extension he must also be telling the truth in all other cases.  Kind of greasing the skids.  Braun gets to come back next year after stealing an MVP from Matt Kemp and gaming the system.  All in addition to his criminal use of PEDs and violation of Baseball’s worthless CBA.

And who punishes MLB for these crimes?:

·         Tampering with a witness (witnesses)

·         Extortion

·         Bribery

·         Breach of Contract (suspensions may be issued for Failed Drug tests – they don’t have one.)

We should be outraged.  We should demand justice and fairness.  We should demand criminal charges against Braun, Rodriguez and MLB (and all the other players implicated).  We should demand they be banned for life if convicted, not offered a deal.  We should stop the hypocrisy.

If I’m Braun or Rodriguez or Cruz or whoever, I fight.  I fight based on MLB’s crimes, based on breach of contract.  Take it far enough and they would surely win.  They’ll never get a jury to convict based on such tainted and manipulated evidence.

As a Yankee fan, I would love to see A-Rod gone.  That’s what they’re pushing for, and if nobody holds MLB’s feet to the fire, that’s what we’ll finally get.  But just like the tainted records these players put up, MLB’s actions are despicable and worthless.

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